John + Dani met me at Plat 99 downtown for adult bevvys before their shoot. turns out all of Indianapolis goes there after work for booze, so the gentleman who made us amazing drinks let us out onto the patio. 

we laughed. we drank. we found out that J + D are #brosforlife and I think we also tried to solve the ongoing drug problem in our city (John's family has a history with IFD and my husband is currently on the job, so it was relevant at the time....)

we made our way to one of my favorite rooftop spots in the city - it's not the highest point, but I love that it's surrounded by taller buildings. when the sun hits just right, the light is dyyyyynamite. 

these two are:

hilarious, playful, photogenic af, and definitely my kind of people. I'm so excited to photograph their wedding this fall!

PS - Dani's dress is from Lulu's and it gives me life.


Kelsey Bauchle