** GIVEAWAY AHEAD! skip to the last few paragraphs if you don't want to read my ramblings** (but like, still read it all please?)

/ HOLY CRAP. Thanksgiving is this week! how did that happen?? I swear, the older I get, the faster the holiday season sneaks up on me. when I was little, all I could think about was the holidays. it meant getting out of school, going to grandma + grandpa's, eating ALL of the food, decorating and getting gifts for xmas. I wanted the holidays to come so badly that they seemed to NEVERRRRR GET HEEEEERE LIKE UGHHH. now that I'm a semi-grown up (I still eat dry cheerios so I can't consider myself an actual grown up) and am busy doing life, the holiday season seems to jump out at me from around the corner like a jerk.


so here we are. Thanksgiving week! it's real easy to get caught up with how much food you're going to have to prepare, how many gatherings you have to go to, how traveling totally blows, how many times your weird uncle says "this ls litty" to try to be cool or how you wish you wore your maroon sweater because the yellow one you're wearing would have hidden that giant glob of cranberry sauce you just spilled on yourself. I ate so much stuffing at a friendsgiving this weekend that my stretchy pants won't even stretch today (they can't even).

all of that may be true, but this is really a season of thankfulness and thoughtfulness. it's a season to reunite with family and friends. it's a perfect time to reach out to others who are less fortunate - to give back to our communities. I'm so excited to be supporting my husband and dozens of other firefighters this year with Firefighters on a Mission.

for the 6th consecutive year, firefighters from all over Indiana are coming together to walk in full gear in the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving morning. they are helping Wheeler Mission raise awareness and funds for the homeless men, women, and children in Indiana.

if you've participated in the dash, you know it's an incredible event - so many people, so much fun...all for a great cause. please consider donating to FIREFIGHTERS ON A MISSION using this link:


++ as if you need an extra incentive, I'm offering a mini session to a couple or family this holiday season (like a fun xmas tree farm shoot!) to anyone who shares this blog post. that's it. you don't even have to donate. is this the easiest giveaway entry ever? probably. BUT I would love it if you would please share this post and only donate if you feel so inclined. you can share it on any social media site - just tag me so I see it! EIGHT31PHOTOGRAPHY on Facebook and on IG.

thank you in advance for your donations and support for Wheeler Mission and for giving back in this season of togetherness. I hope to see you all out at the dash - I'll be the one walkin with the guys in gear. come say hi!


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