on August 2nd, 2017, I showed up to a workshop I knew was going to be amazing, but I had no idea the impact it would have on my life + career.

thrive modern is a creative photo workshop hosted by the loveliest human beings in the entire world : Melissa + Abby. they hosted in OKC at 21C Museum Hotel and Holloway House. it was 3 full days of learning + growing + reflection + brainstorming and and and the list goes on. there were 16 of us in attendance - it was incredible to see so many women from all over the country come together to encourage one another and grow.

Melissa + Abby hosted 5 talk sessions throughout the workshop - each tackling different topics that, before the workshop, may have seemed foreign or daunting or intimidating to us. they brought in guest speakers to talk about the importance of branding + working with your hair and makeup artists to create a seamless getting ready morning for brides + grooms. Katie O. Selvidge (founder of Cottage Hill Magazine and creative business coach) spoke with us at dinner our first night. there were tears and laughs and ah ha moments for all of us.


+ there was a yoga session, incredible food prepared for us for every meal, two INSANELY amazing styled shoots and one-on-one critiques with M+A and incredible conversation and quality time with fellow #girlbosses. it was the most refreshing workshop and exactly what I needed to push myself and my business to the next level. when I left on August 4th, I felt more prepared + confident than ever to make my photography dreams come true. I know it will still take time and lots of hard work, but I know it's possible to shoot what I want + book clients with my same vision (YOU!!). 

I will be forever grateful for Melissa + Abby's guidance, patience + vulnerability (and overall babeness). they helped me realize we are all way more alike than we think. every artist struggles. every artist looks up to other artists. every artist thinks their work is absolute garbage at various points in their career (it's true). it's the artist who pushes through times of doubt and remembers why they do what they do that succeeds and inspires others.

thrive modern session II - you have my heart. if you have even thought for a second you might want to go to a thrive modern workshop: DO IT. I'm telling you, you won't regret it.


MELISSA: @melissamarshallx
ABBY: @abbbbyroses
VIDEO: @ethnoscreative
FLORALS: @thewildmother
VENUE: @hollowayhouseokc
FOOD: @kendyl_irl
OPENING SPEAKER: @katieoselvidge
BRANDING SPEAKER: @hannahashford
MAKE-UP SPEAKER: @chelseyann
IN-HOME MODELS: @j.graber2 + @madisongraber_
BRIDE + GROOM MODELS: @sightforsoreeyez + @jackymoonnye
MAKEUP + HAIR: @chelseyann + @alilarahe
DRESS: @aandbe_bridalshop
JEWELRY: @mooreaseal
YOGA INSTRUCTOR: @lisakgrady
RUGS + POUFS: @gatheredhomeshop
FARM TABLES: @kahoystudios